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    Fantastic teaching, amazing activities; possibly the finest teenage summer courses in the UK


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    Oyster Education is a specialist tuition company. We offer a full service to prepare students for university, including English language, Mathematics and the Sciences. We also assess students as young as 9 for entry into UK independent schools and we advise on selection of UK Schools of English.


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  • Newton’s 3rd Law Newton’s 3rd Law is sometimes written that ‘to every action there is an equal and opposite reaction'; a vague statement frequently misinterpreted. The law really states that forces occur in equal and opposite pairs of the same type: if a ... READ MORE
  • Oyster Education Different Forms of Intelligence How does one truly measure intelligence? In fact, CAN one measure it? The answer to that is that I am just not sure. If it is possible, then we have not found one perfect method yet and the reason is clearly that there are many different forms of int... READ MORE
  • Oyster Education The Amber has Arrived! Amber is fossilised tree resin. Imagine sticky golden-brown gum weeping out of pine trees and then wait 45 million years: the gum hardens as it loses its more volatile components. The result is a natural plastic, possibly made up of chains of around ... READ MORE
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    Booking a course with Oyster is not like booking a holiday. For many students it becomes the start of a journey. It is a commitment to a professional relationship where the student’s needs are met at every stage…