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About Oyster

Why choose Oyster?

At Oyster Education we provide tuition, educational consultancy and summer courses.  For many of our students, the start of the relationship is attendance on one of those 2 week summer courses. We occupy our students all day, morning lessons followed by healthy lunches and then either further tuition or outstanding outdoor activities. We prefer to host students in our own seaside home. This way, we are talking to them in English from morning to night and we ensure that they eat well and sleep well.

Our outdoor activities really do stand out. Book a course with us and you won’t just need some pens. You will need old beach clothes and a strong arm;  you’re going to get wet!

Oyster Education

What do Oyster offer?

Summer English Courses for students aged 11-16

Easter Revision Courses at Putney Bridge
Specialist courses in IB and A Level Physics

Educational Consultancy
IB revision in Italy
Private tuition


And for adults:

Enhanced English tuition including IELTS
Seafood Lovers’ Course

Oyster Education is more than a language school. We teach students from all over the world and offer a full service to prepare students for university.

History and Ethos

Oyster Education was formed in 2012. The first student is now at university in Geneva and her family have since sent us students on three occasions.

From the outset, the company had the aim of providing top quality education meeting the needs of the student, not the needs of the company. Oyster is a small, specialist company, not just another coastal school of English. The director, Neil Cleminson, teaches some of the most able students in the world and has done so for many years and with great success.

Our Philosophy

Oyster EducationClass sizes must be small.
This means small enough for individual attention, just large enough for the mixing of ideas and sense of fun only a group can provide. This equates to class sizes of six on our teenage and adult courses, 9 on our Spring revision courses.

Tuition must be of the highest standards.
Tutors must be well educated and experienced both in the classroom and in life. Lessons must be relevant. There is no point travelling to England only to study from a text book used around the world. Make the lessons intriguing and the use of English becomes an unconscious process.

Activities must be as important as the lessons.
Long after a lesson has been absorbed, or forgotten, the participation in fantastic activities will remain with the student. We learn when we do, we learn when it hurts, we learn when we fail. Central to the Oyster philosophy is that our activities are the ultimate learning tools. We do not offer frisbee in the park.

When you join one of our courses you have to keep an eye on the weather and the tides. Oyster activities are real: we offer primary experience and we show our students that doing is what matters.

Oyster Education

Here are just some of the activities students experience on our summer courses:

  • Paintball
  • London: a guided tour
  • Raft-building and racing
  • Whizzbangs! (chemistry practicals)
  • Shore Fishing
  • Fossil-hunting
  • Visits to historical sites
  • Overnight survival
  • Shopping trips to Bluewater and Canterbury
  • Kayaking
  • Rockpooling
  • Boat handling
  • Collecting cockles and oysters
  • Navigation on land
  • Cooking
  • Kite flying
  • Shrimping and crabbing
  • Seafood meals from the sea to the table
  • Physics challenge
  • Seal watching
  • Lobster potting
  • Laserquest


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