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Summer 2017 English Courses

Oyster Education

“Excellent teaching, fantastic activities”

How would you create the perfect course in English usage?

1. Go to England.

2. Select top-quality English speakers who are also experienced teachers.

3. Keep class sizes small.

4. Build vocabulary; nouns come first, verbs and good grammar follow.

5. Reveal the origin of words and of the English language.

6. Engage the students with practical activities some of the time.

7. Use English lessons as preparation for those activities.

8. Maintain English usage all day even when outdoors.

You now have the Oyster Education philosophy! We put experienced teachers who are graduates of Oxford University in front of a small group…and we firmly believe that learning takes place as much outside the classroom as it does inside. We then take English teaching to the highest level with these principles:

 Insist on good grammar at all times.

Introduce new words and show their roots. Give every student a vocabulary book and fill it.

Engage the mind and the body and use the language.


What can you expect?

– excellent tuition in English

– maximum class sizes of 6

–  at least 3 hours’ of formal lessons per day; English conversation all day

– fun science practicals

– activities every day for the full two weeks

– personal collection/drop-off at Gatwick, Stansted and Heathrow airports included on start and finish dates

– beautiful coastal location

– hosting with English families so English is spoken mornings and evenings as well

– opportunity to become an ‘Oyster Student’ and so be tutored through to university entrance

– personal report written at the end highlighting the student’s strengths, weaknesses and areas to develop

Here are just some of the activities students have experienced on our courses:

  • Shore fishing
  • Paintball
  • Excursion to London
  • Laser Games
  • Boating
  • Visits to castles
  • Raft-building and racing
  • Survival lessons
  • Camping
  • Sea-kayaking
  • Rockpooling
  • Chemistry and Physics practicals
  • Navigation on land
  • Cooking
  • Oystering
  • Off-track cycling
  • Shrimping and crabbing
  • visits to towns and fruit picking
  • Physics challenge
  • Seal watching
  • Team-building challenges


Summer Dates 2017

29th June to 13th July  (ages 11-16)

16 July to 30th July (ages 11-16)

22nd August to 5th Sept (ages 11-16)

All our summer courses are of 2 weeks’ duration. We do ask students to arrive on the start date and leave on the departure date. All transfers outside those days will incur a fee of £120 each way.

The fee for 2017 has been maintained at £1900 and this is ALL-INCLUSIVE…transfers on advertised dates, food, accommodation, visits, activities…everything is covered. There are no extras!

Bespoke courses are available outside these dates but please note that we will only take a MINIMUM OF 3 STUDENTS TRAVELLING TOGETHER


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