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Terms and Conditions

1/3 Deposits are required to book a course. Deposits are fully refundable up to 90 days before the start of the course should the applicant wish to withdraw for any reason.

30-90 days before the course: the deposit is 50% refunded if the applicant cancels

30 days before the course: balance is due: all monies non-refundable*

All applicants are requested to take out medical, travel and cancellation insurance and the joining form will seek confirmation of this. Oyster Education is not responsible for accidents and delays when the student is travelling, nor is the company responsible for incidents occurring in the student’s accommodation. However, we will always treat any such issues as of the utmost importance and will act in the student’s best interests and as his or her representative.

Oyster Education will take all reasonable efforts to deliver a course as advertised. If, however, factors beyond control such as illness,injury, war, storms, riot, strikes and suchlike occur, we reserve the right to offer alternative tutors, venues and activities without redress on the client’s part. However, if we fail to deliver all or part of a course we will refund monies paid, less transfers and accommodation used or booked,  on a pro-rata basis.

We operate a ‘goodwill’ policy; if, at any time, a client feels that we have not been fair or reasonable in our actions, we will invite the client to discuss any issue with an agreed third party and we will consider favourably the decision of that agreed third party.

Errors and omissions on the website: we are not bound by any errors or omissions which may occur on the website and reserve the right to amend prices, dates and offers at any time.

Oyster Education reserves the right to ask a student to leave a course on reasonable grounds without parental redress. Parents would be informed first and discussions would follow, but possible reasons include:

mental illness, disability or illness not revealed on the application form or in some way made clear to us before arrival

physical or verbal threats to other students or to tutors

abuse of alcohol or drugs, legal or otherwise

reckless or dangerous behaviour posing risk to the student or to others or to property

wilful damage to private or public property including flooding and fire

sexual harassment of other students or tutors

breaking of agreed bounds and times of residency

any action deemed unacceptable by a reasonable person experienced in boarding education including breaking British law.


In such unlikely circumstances the student would be returned safely to the point of departure. No monies would be refunded and extra transfer costs may be incurred.


* In exceptional circumstances a student may choose not to attend due to sudden illness, family trauma or serious security alert. In such circumstances the client is advised to have suitable insurance and to claim on that insurance. However, should such late withdrawal not be covered by insurance, we would retain the deposit and refund the remaining 2/3rds on receipt of suitable proof and providing the withdrawal is deemed reasonable. The deposit would be lost as we would still have to pay for accommodation, tutors and other costs.